Acorn Stairlifts – Enid Williams, aged 89 from Deganwy, Wales said that her life changed after she got arthritis as it affected her mobility. Williams lives in a beautiful house near the sea and absolutely loves it, but the disability made it hard for her to climb the steep stairs that lead to her front door.

According to Williams she lost her husband nine years ago to prostate cancer. The cancer affected his mobility and he couldn’t even walk properly. She says that they had a bad experience with a stairlift company because it wasn’t suitable for use outside the house and it was removed after her husband passed away.

Currently, walking has become a real struggle for Enid Williams as she experiences sharp pain in the knees. She was left with no other option but to sell her house and move with her son Martin who lived in a bungalow in Cheshire that was 60 miles away.

According to Martin, a retired HR manager from Widnes, he saw his mother’s condition and decided to do something about it. He looked up information about stairlifts and found Acorn stairlifts who were offering a 12 months guarantee. Within a week the stairlift was installed at his mother’s house

According to Mrs. Williams had it not been for Acorn Stairlifts she would have to give up her house. She was glad that they offered the perfect solution for her problem. She further added how her life is so much easier and how glad she is that she doesn’t have to leave the house that she has lived in for over two decades. She says that due to the stairlift she can easy get in and out of the house and can still enjoy the beautiful view of the sea that she loves.