The most recent goodwill gesture that the Acorn Stairlift Company has bestowed upon their national partnership with Marie Curie, is a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) to a Birmingham-based Marie Curie Hospice. This £10,000 vehicle will help resolve daily accessible issues that patients attending the hospice find getting to and from home.

Suzanne McArthur, the Hospice Community Palliative Care Lead believed that the support from this new vehicle will provide a ”lifeline” to her patients and went on to express her thanks for Acorn Stairlift’s ”generosity”.


The Care Lead expressed the benefits of such a vehicle in the following comment,

“Up until this point we have found that many of our wheelchair bound service users have found it difficult to regularly access the day hospice services, here at the Marie Curie Hospice in the West Midlands, where they benefit from services including psychological support and symptom control.

“The car is going to be a lifeline for these people, enabling them to get into the hospice to receive this specialist care and support, have social interaction and develop friendships.”


Not only have Acorn provided the WAV free of charge for a start up 2 year loan, but they are also paying for all the all the car costs including Insurance, Road Tax and Servicing costs.

The Yorkshire based company added this new feature to their Stairlift Donation Initiative which is a cause that has already helped communities all across the UK by donating and installing a free stairlift in the homes of 5 Marie Curie patients every single month!


Acorn Stairlifts Company Secretary, Dave Belmont had this to say,

“We’re delighted to be helping people in our communities across the UK. Our free stairlift donation initiative has already helped people in Yorkshire, Hampstead and Scotland.

“To now be able to provide the West Midlands Marie Curie Hospice with a vehicle which will allow them to take patients to and from the facility is another step in our programme of community support. The entire Acorn Stairlifts team is delighted to be able to make a real difference to people’s lives.”


The Marie Curie Hospice Manager, Liz Cottier also added her thanks to the Acorn Stairlift Company who have been installing stairlifts into people’s homes over the last 20 years,

“We have been struggling recently to ensure we can offer our care to patients with reduced mobility due to the lack of suitable transport for wheelchairs. This new vehicle will make such a difference to the support we can offer within our community and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for Acorn Stairlifts’ continued support.”