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Disabled mum Banned from purchasing Council Home

Mrs Snook has lived in her home with her family for 37 years in Halesowen, so when the opportunity arrived to purchase their home from the Council (as her son wanted to keep the property in the family) the Snook were eager to complete that transaction.


However, due to modifications that the children of Mrs […]

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    Installing Stairlifts with Microsoft Augmented Reality Technology

Installing Stairlifts with Microsoft Augmented Reality Technology

A Stairlift Company named Thyssenkrupp up the North East, is using Augmented Reality Technology in the best possible way for their customers. They partnered up with Microsoft to take advantage of their HoloLens tech, to be able to install Stairlifts into customers’ homes more efficiently and quickly.


Very soon Stairlift Users will be able to […]

Companion Stairlifts Options

Buying a Stairlift with Companion is a very fast and easy process, with many different payment options available depending on the type of Stairlifts you purchase for your home.


These options include the following:

Reconditioned Stairlift – These Stairlifts come with a 1 year warranty (the same benefits as a new Stairlift boasts) and are […]

Types of Stairlifts

Stairlifts become a vital instrument for those who need it, when going about day to day life. However, there are many other options out there where a Stairlift can be provided in situations that don’t just include a straight Stairlift down the stairs…


Check out the following types of Stairlifts available:


Straight Stairlifts – this […]

Stair of the Dog 2022

A UK Insurance Company has designed a brand NEW Stairlift, but it’s no ordinary Stairlift fit for human-use – only our four legged companions can enjoy a little ride up and down the stairs!


Although this seems a little bizarre, the company has responded to an urgent prediction that Dog Obesity will rise from 33% […]

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    Companion Stairlifts launch NEW Scheme with Local Mobility Shops

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Companion Stairlifts launch NEW Scheme with Local Mobility Shops

Companion Stairlifts is one of the UK’s largest Stairlift supplier and they have approached ‘Pure Agency’ in Leeds to launch an incentive scheme that will navigate customers back to the Companion Stairlift Brand.


Pure agency will be developing and managing all the marketing campaigns including some of the following ventures:

Email Marketing
Animated Videos

Devizes School Raises Funds for Charity

Stairlifts are increasingly becoming more of an essential fixture for households to have to help people go about their day to day lives with ease and pride. There are many reasons why a person may need a Stairlift to help accommodate them whether it be through an injury, operations, old age, diseases and so […]

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Cat Stuck in Stairlift!

A cat owner in South Cumbria who uses a Stairlift in their day to day life received a fright one day, when their beloved Tabby Cat decided they wanted to ride along in Stairlift with them. But unfortunately, Miss Maggie May got herself a little stuck between the bottom on the Lift and the […]

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UK-Wide Stairlift Company Expansion

The future is looking bright for A1 Stairlift Services based down South Street in the Town. The Independent Stairlift and Mobility Specialist have just opened up another shop in Keighley on Marley Street – broadening their services UK-Wide!


The decision to expand comes after a successful business year as the A1 Services Managing Director, Simon […]

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Meditek donates to National Cancer Charity

Based in County Durham, Meditek have made a recent partnership with a National Cancer Charity to donate cash from every sale made within their Stairlift Company!


On site at their Newton Aycliffe location, the joining of these two organisations took place on October 13th and Meditek hope to raise at least £8000 within the next […]

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