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Acorn Step in to Help with New Stairlift

Acorn Stairlifts stepped in to help 72, year old Emily Blinks, after they found out she was having to crawl up and down her stairs due to a failed knee operation.

Acorn heard about Emily’s plight from their long-term partnership with Marie Curie. She was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2002 and it had […]

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Ross is Fundraising for New Stairlift

20 year old Medical Student Ross Smith and his family are trying to raise £50,000 for a new stairlift and to adapt their home for his needs.

Ross was in climbing wall accident at his weekly Newcastle University mountaineering club last November and was left paralysed. Doctors at the Royal Victoria Infirmary broke the news […]

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New Smart Meters could disrupt your Stairlift

Stannah stairlifts have voiced major concerns over the new smart energy meters which are being installed in thousands of peoples homes across the UK.

It is estimated that almost 8 million households have already switched over to smart meters and this figure is only set to increase ten-fold over the next few years, but will […]

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Broken Stairlift disrupts Shepway Couples Daily Life

Both Nancy Jagdev and Christian Rolfe have cases of multiple sclerosis and added Mobility Problems. When moving to their new home in Shepway with two Teenage Children, they choose this house specifically for its Wet Room and Stairlift Facilities, despite both living in ground floor apartments before. Mr Rolfe sent out an application for […]

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Company in Keighley donate Stairlift to War Veteran


Gary Westmoreland is a 58-year-old man who served 12 years in the army, originally serving in the Catering Corps and moving onto the Royal Army Ordnance Corps during the Falkland War.


Earlier this year, Mr Westmoreland suffered a stroke which left him with a terminal heart condition and unable to leave his home at any […]

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Why Choose Companion Stairlifts!

Companion Stairlifts is one of the biggest UK Companies that supplies stairlifts across the nation, offering handmade and personalised lifts to suit your every need. These stairlifts are bought from individual customers and from larger business organisations, receiving a welcoming service and low-priced deals.


The following includes just some of the Stairlift Solutions that customers […]

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    Mary Callahan receives her cut from James ‘Whitney’ Bulger’s auction, for a Stairlift

Mary Callahan receives her cut from James ‘Whitney’ Bulger’s auction, for a Stairlift

Boston Mobster James ‘Whitney’ Bulger has killed plenty of innocent people during his reign of violence, but was finally caught with his partner Catherine Greig in Santa Monica, Calif., back in the year 2011. Bulger was convicted of 11 murders in total and Grieg is serving a decade sentence in prison.


Mary Callahan is the […]

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    Cancer Sufferer Leslie Bennett ‘Overwhelmed’ by Community Support

Cancer Sufferer Leslie Bennett ‘Overwhelmed’ by Community Support

Leslie Bennett is a cancer sufferer who has to endure regular chemotherapy and has had his lower right leg amputated due to his Cancer Diagnosis. Despite his requests with Charter Housing to receive adaptations to his home to help him move around more freely and comfortably – they had not even begun to accommodate […]

Broken Lift causing havoc for OAPs in Hemel Hempstead

Phyllis Courtnage House in Highfield, Hemel Hempstead houses pensioner residents in its sheltered accommodation. Since May 8th, the property’s Lift has been out of action which is causing a lot of discomfort and unnecessary distress amongst its inhabitants. The Lift was put ‘out of commission’ due to repeated breakdowns taking place, but was supposed […]

Poole Council to stop Stairlift Maintenance

Disabled Residents of Poole have been met with another blow as the Council has informed them, that they will be stopping the Maintenance repairs and costs their Stairlifts. The Borough of Poole have claimed that this recent action is due to ‘Financial Pressures’ on the Council and it will go into effect from the […]