Phyllis Courtnage House in Highfield, Hemel Hempstead houses pensioner residents in its sheltered accommodation. Since May 8th, the property’s Lift has been out of action which is causing a lot of discomfort and unnecessary distress amongst its inhabitants. The Lift was put ‘out of commission’ due to repeated breakdowns taking place, but was supposed to be back in working order by June 19th.


On Monday 10th June, residents were told that the Lift will take another 3 weeks from then to be fixed, which is way past the original date for an up and running lift to be installed.


A 76-year-old tenant, Fay Head, had this to say,

“We were told this would be completed by June 19. We were also promised that if we needed help there would always be someone to help us take our shopping or washing up and down the stairs. There is a stairlift but if you need a walker to get around then that’s no good unless you’re prepared to drag it as you’re taken up or down.”


Brenda Field of 83-years-old, another tenant of Phyllis Courtnage House, expressed similar concerns,

“The other day I went up one part of the stairs with the stairlift with my shopping but the other part wasn’t working. By the time I got to my front door I had almost passed out and needed three puffs on my inhaler.”


The Dacorum Borough Council has since apologised for the delay and stated that their contractor has assured them a New Lift will be installed and working within the next 3 weeks.