Both Nancy Jagdev and Christian Rolfe have cases of multiple sclerosis and added Mobility Problems. When moving to their new home in Shepway with two Teenage Children, they choose this house specifically for its Wet Room and Stairlift Facilities, despite both living in ground floor apartments before. Mr Rolfe sent out an application for a larger adapted property to accommodate the whole of his family more efficiently.


The stairs were never an issue as there was already a stairlift provided to help with the couple’s disability’s, who also use mobility scooters when outside of the home. Now that the Stairlift is broken after multiple times of being repaired, it has still not been replaced, which has disrupted the lives of Nancy Jagdev 45 and Christian Rolfe 41.


Mr Rolfe had this to say,

“There is no cure for our condition which will get progressively worse. We will never be better in the future than we are now. We both frequently fall over, but until now at least it wasn’t on the stairs. Now we are just waiting for the worst.”


Miss Jagdev added,

“A stairlift is not a luxury for us, it’s a necessity.”


The couple are in a 3-way dispute with Golden Homes who own the house, the Lift Company and an Occupational Therapist.


This Shepway Couple are now having to crawl all pull themselves up and down the stairs until the Occupational Therapist receives a detailed report on why the Stairlift needs to be replaced.