Leslie Bennett is a cancer sufferer who has to endure regular chemotherapy and has had his lower right leg amputated due to his Cancer Diagnosis. Despite his requests with Charter Housing to receive adaptations to his home to help him move around more freely and comfortably – they had not even begun to accommodate Mr Bennett’s urgent need for modified features.


Since than his local community have provided Mr Bennett and his partner John Wox with a wealth of support in the form of Temporary Ramps and building materials.


Help came in the form of Builder Terry O’Brien from Terry’s Odd Jobs and Monmouthshire Cllr Armand Watts. Temporary Ramps were both installed from his front door and into the garden so that Mr Bennett can move through these locations more freely with his wheelchair and further Building Materials were donated by Travis Perkin.


Both Mr Wox and Mr Bennett are ‘overwhelmed’ with the support that they have receive from their local community.


Since then Charter House has apologised to Mr Bennett for the delay in proceedings and that now his case has been made a ‘top priority’ issue. A spokesman had this to say,

“We wrote to Mr Bennett last week to apologise for the delay in starting works and to explain our intention to see works commence at the earliest. The tenders for the works are due back on July 28 All three contractors are aware of the urgency and are available to commence works by August 7 at the very latest. We are in regular contact with Mr Bennett and Mr Cox in respect of the major works and will start at a time and in a manner that best suits them.”