A cat owner in South Cumbria who uses a Stairlift in their day to day life received a fright one day, when their beloved Tabby Cat decided they wanted to ride along in Stairlift with them. But unfortunately, Miss Maggie May got herself a little stuck between the bottom on the Lift and the Rails.

The owner then proceeded to make a call to both the Local Vet and RSPCA to come and help free her cat.

Once help has arrived, the Vet tried to ease the Cat, but Maggie May had her stomach and back legs stuck tight. At this point, the poor cat was getting really distressed, so the Vet sedated her to help keep her calm and at ease.


“The engineer loosened the post from the rail but was unable to move the chair off of the cat as the floor bolts were covered by the seat.


“We talked about calling the fire brigade to assist with their cutting equipment but I wanted to avoid damaging the stair lift and leaving Maggie’s owner without any means of getting upstairs.”


The RSPCA Inspector, Chris Towler turned up with a fellow engineer to see what they could do to help.


The pair wanted to apply as minimal damage as they could to the Stairlift as this piece of equipment was essential for the owner to get up and down the stairs and live their day to day life with ease. Mr Towler was considering calling the Fire Brigade to assist, but after he grabbed a jack from his van and the engineer loosened up the Rails – together they created a large enough gap for the cat to be set free!


Thankfully there is a happy end to this story, where not only can Maggie May’s owner carrying on using her Stairlift, but Mr Towler also added the following about the Tabby’s wellbeing,


“The vet took Maggie May back to the surgery, and I was extremely pleased to hear that she suffered no injuries and was allowed to return to her very relieved owner.”


It’s safe to say, that we think Maggie May will leave Stairlifts for us humans to use from now on!