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Why Choose Companion Stairlifts!

Companion Stairlifts is one of the biggest UK Companies that supplies stairlifts across the nation, offering handmade and personalised lifts to suit your every need. These stairlifts are bought from individual customers and from larger business organisations, receiving a welcoming service and low-priced deals.


The following includes just some of the Stairlift Solutions that customers […]

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    Mary Callahan receives her cut from James ‘Whitney’ Bulger’s auction, for a Stairlift

Mary Callahan receives her cut from James ‘Whitney’ Bulger’s auction, for a Stairlift

Boston Mobster James ‘Whitney’ Bulger has killed plenty of innocent people during his reign of violence, but was finally caught with his partner Catherine Greig in Santa Monica, Calif., back in the year 2011. Bulger was convicted of 11 murders in total and Grieg is serving a decade sentence in prison.


Mary Callahan is the […]

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    Cancer Sufferer Leslie Bennett ‘Overwhelmed’ by Community Support

Cancer Sufferer Leslie Bennett ‘Overwhelmed’ by Community Support

Leslie Bennett is a cancer sufferer who has to endure regular chemotherapy and has had his lower right leg amputated due to his Cancer Diagnosis. Despite his requests with Charter Housing to receive adaptations to his home to help him move around more freely and comfortably – they had not even begun to accommodate […]

Broken Lift causing havoc for OAPs in Hemel Hempstead

Phyllis Courtnage House in Highfield, Hemel Hempstead houses pensioner residents in its sheltered accommodation. Since May 8th, the property’s Lift has been out of action which is causing a lot of discomfort and unnecessary distress amongst its inhabitants. The Lift was put ‘out of commission’ due to repeated breakdowns taking place, but was supposed […]

Poole Council to stop Stairlift Maintenance

Disabled Residents of Poole have been met with another blow as the Council has informed them, that they will be stopping the Maintenance repairs and costs their Stairlifts. The Borough of Poole have claimed that this recent action is due to ‘Financial Pressures’ on the Council and it will go into effect from the […]

Stairlift installation for a St. Cecilia School Student

Max Vertin is heading to middle school next year in St.Cecilia, he is a fifth grade student and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a disability that effects his muscle function. Due to this, has trouble going up and down stairs, so he would benefit greatly if a Stairlift was installed at his new […]

Disabled mum Banned from purchasing Council Home

Mrs Snook has lived in her home with her family for 37 years in Halesowen, so when the opportunity arrived to purchase their home from the Council (as her son wanted to keep the property in the family) the Snook were eager to complete that transaction.


However, due to modifications that the children of Mrs […]

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    Installing Stairlifts with Microsoft Augmented Reality Technology

Installing Stairlifts with Microsoft Augmented Reality Technology

A Stairlift Company named Thyssenkrupp up the North East, is using Augmented Reality Technology in the best possible way for their customers. They partnered up with Microsoft to take advantage of their HoloLens tech, to be able to install Stairlifts into customers’ homes more efficiently and quickly.


Very soon Stairlift Users will be able to […]

Companion Stairlifts Options

Buying a Stairlift with Companion is a very fast and easy process, with many different payment options available depending on the type of Stairlifts you purchase for your home.


These options include the following:

Reconditioned Stairlift – These Stairlifts come with a 1 year warranty (the same benefits as a new Stairlift boasts) and are […]

Types of Stairlifts

Stairlifts become a vital instrument for those who need it, when going about day to day life. However, there are many other options out there where a Stairlift can be provided in situations that don’t just include a straight Stairlift down the stairs…


Check out the following types of Stairlifts available:


Straight Stairlifts – this […]