Mrs Snook has lived in her home with her family for 37 years in Halesowen, so when the opportunity arrived to purchase their home from the Council (as her son wanted to keep the property in the family) the Snook were eager to complete that transaction.


However, due to modifications that the children of Mrs Snooks had done to their house to help improve the quality of their disabled mums life, now means they can no longer purchase their home of nearly 40 years.


Elaine Snook is a 62 year old lady who suffers with Lupas, Bulging Discs and other Health Problems.


Her daughter, Amanda Snook no longer lives at home, but her son of 38 years old lives with his mother to help he manage day to day life.


Modifications made to the house included fitting a Stairlift to go up and down stairs and the bathroom modified into a Wet Room.


Mrs Snook feels penalised by the council for her Health and Disability problems and due to making her life a lot more comfortable, they are now unable to purchase their home.


Mark Rogers, the Dudley’s Housing Chief officer had this to say,

Homes suitable for some of our most vulnerable residents, including those with disabilities, are always in demand. Under the 1985 Housing Act, the Right to Buy scheme exempts homes where specialist adaptations have been made.

“While we cannot comment on any individual cases, this policy enables us to ensure the investments we have made can go on to benefit any future tenants with specialist requirements.”