A Stairlift Company named Thyssenkrupp up the North East, is using Augmented Reality Technology in the best possible way for their customers. They partnered up with Microsoft to take advantage of their HoloLens tech, to be able to install Stairlifts into customers’ homes more efficiently and quickly.


Very soon Stairlift Users will be able to apply a lift over their staircase using a handheld tablet and a augmented reality headset.

Through the headset, an image will be displayed of the Stairlift in place including how much space it will cover, what it will look like and what features will be included, such as Tracks, Hinges, etc. Customers can view all of this before a Stairlift is physically installed into their home, providing the option of making alterations if needed.


These alterations can include anything from – Chair and Rail Colour, Upholstery Design and Additional Features.


The Managing Director of the Stockton based Company, Andrew Warbrick had this to say,

“By using the HoloLens mixed-reality device when visiting and measuring customers’ stairs, we are able to visualize in a very realistic way what the finished stair lift will look like.

“We are also able to measure the staircase faster than ever before, which leaves us more quality time to spend with the customer on discussing and visualizing options such as rail colour or upholstery. This results in an even better service and customer experience.”


Plus, this technology also speeds up the time of installation by gathering the measurements through the HoloLens beforehand. Features such as, Lights, Heating bulkheads, Electrical Fittings and obstacles are all taken into consideration when creating the perfect Stairlift for your home.


Andrew Warbrick had these final words to say,

“Most customers buy these products only when their mobility is already very restricted, so they require a quick turnaround on the installation, but no two staircases are exactly the same and every stairlift has its own individual requirements, which holds up the process.

“HoloLens should remove that obstacle – it’s been trialed in Holland, Spain and Germany with very positive results, and we’ll now be introducing it in the UK from our base in Stockton-on-Tees.”