Based in County Durham, Meditek have made a recent partnership with a National Cancer Charity to donate cash from every sale made within their Stairlift Company!


On site at their Newton Aycliffe location, the joining of these two organisations took place on October 13th and Meditek hope to raise at least £8000 within the next 12 months!

Annually Meditek, sells around 3000 Stairlifts, and for every sale that is made within that year, £2 will go towards the Macmillan Cancer Support.


The £8000 goal is sufficient enough to pay Macmillan Nurses 200 hours’ worth of work.


The County Macmillan Cancer Support Fundraising Manager, Michelle Muir had this to say about the latest agreement made between The National Charity and Meditek,


“It’s really important that we look for companies like this to be able to support Macmillan because we solely rely on donations and don’t get any government funding.


“In the North-East 45 people a day are told the devastating news that they have got cancer.


“At the minute we are trying to be there for everyone and there is an urgent ask so we need money to reach every one of them.”


Michelle goes on to mention that to fund Macmillan Nurses for one hour, it will cost families £28 for that hour and for some, they can only receive a Macmillan Nurse for that one hour – which is why that time is crucial for families and patients and the support of fundraising.


The Business Developer for Meditek, Nikki Rotherham, also highlighted the fact that the stereotypical views for owners of Stairlifts, are for the older generation but that is not the case,


“We started to do a lot of stairlifts for people struggling with cancer.

There are a lot of people in the company that have been touched (by cancer) including my gran.

People think stairlifts are for old people but we sell more stairlifts to people for prevention or to people recovering from cancer or operations who need help with the stairs.”

Other successful deeds that Meditek Stairlift Company have achieved includes a £500 raised Coffee Morning and sending 150 Stairlifts to Australia and Argentina.