Stannah stairlifts have voiced major concerns over the new smart energy meters which are being installed in thousands of peoples homes across the UK.

It is estimated that almost 8 million households have already switched over to smart meters and this figure is only set to increase ten-fold over the next few years, but will they cause havoc in your home?

A couple of stairlift companies have stated that smart energy meters could stop stairlifts working, they have also said it is possible the meters could stop microwaves and baby monitors too, as the radio waves emitted from them could cause interference.

In a statement, Stannah says: ‘For stairlift users, this is a serious issue as it can result in their stairlift stopping if the signal is interrupted.’

One of the worst possible scenarios could be a stairlift stop working halfway up the stairs, leaving the person stranded if they were on their own.

As a concerned UK citizen, I for one will be thinking very seriously regarding having a smart meter fitted in my home. If they can throw out such extensive radio waves that it might be possible to interrupt signal and stop things working, what could these radio waves do to us? Food for thought, that is for sure.