Disabled Residents of Poole have been met with another blow as the Council has informed them, that they will be stopping the Maintenance repairs and costs their Stairlifts. The Borough of Poole have claimed that this recent action is due to ‘Financial Pressures’ on the Council and it will go into effect from the start of September.


This is a huge knock back for residents as Maintenance Repairs can be very costly and it’s not as if the locals affected by this turn of events, will have a couple hundred pounds laying around.


Brenda Boyd who is 70 years old and Lives in Oakdale has been using a stairlift installed in her home for the last 7 years. Here’s what she had to say,

“It just makes me so angry that the council is doing this, first it’s the toilets and now the stairlifts. I thought council cuts to public services were happening in order to fund adult and social care. For me it’s not necessarily the annual service fees that are the problem but the maintenance costs. It could get very pricey if something is wrong with the equipment. I’m a pensioner and can’t really afford hundreds of pounds in maintenance bills.”


The council issued the following letter to inform residents of the changes,

“Regrettably, the financial pressures faced by the council mean that it is no longer possible to pay for the service and maintenance of equipment funded by a DFG, and so I am writing to inform you that as of the September 9th 2017 we will no longer be able to provide this service automatically. I am sure this will come as a disappointment to you, however this is in line with the approach taken by other local authorities nationally.”


Stairlifts were originally provided by grants from the local authorities ‘Disabled Facilities Grant’ (DFG) to be able to adapt an environment for a disabled person.