Stairlift for Dogs – Although no one would deny that dogs are a man’s best friend and due to their overflowing love, dog owners have started to overfeed their hungry canines. Because of this, hundreds of dogs in the UK are now extremely overweight. There may be several stray dogs on the street but it seems like the dogs that stay at homes get extremely pampered and are being overfed. With dog obesity on rise, the insurance company ‘More Than’ has predicted that by the year 2022, more than half of the nation’s dogs will be overweight.

Bone issues, respiratory problems, and skin conditions are the reason why a lot of dogs can’t climb stairs anymore, which is due to the extra layer of fat on the dog’s back. The thought that the dogs can’t climb stairs anymore is extremely worrisome for a lot of dog owners which is why some of them are considering dog stairlifts.

Such stairlifts are still in the planning phase but some manufacturers think that such a stairlift will cost around £5,000 and the project will be undertaken by some big companies, as they will cater to the growing demand.

The machine will have some unique features to comfortably accommodate dogs. One of them is the ‘’paw push’ start button that is located near the ground so that the animals can easily reach it with the help of an outstretched limb. The pets can easily climb into the plastic seat which then rises a few feet above the floor before carrying its passenger above the stairs.