Max Vertin is heading to middle school next year in St.Cecilia, he is a fifth grade student and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a disability that effects his muscle function. Due to this, has trouble going up and down stairs, so he would benefit greatly if a Stairlift was installed at his new school.


Max said,

“It’s not easy a lot of times. I feel very tired after I climb up a big set of stairs,”


Thankfully, ‘Give Hastings Donors’ have raised the full amount needed to purchase and install a Stairlift at St. Cecilia Middle School – at the sum of $30,000!


The community of St. Cecilia, including Parents, Students and School Workers are all relieved to be able to accommodate young Max Vertin and to make his school years with them, as happy and as comfortable as can be.


Principal Sandy Vancura had this to say,

“We are like a big family. Like any family we have our issues and our concerns, but everyone pulls together to really support each other.”


Max Vertin’s mother, Betty Vertin is also calmed by the fact that the money has been raised for a stairlift and that her son will be safe and happy at his new school placement,

“When you have a child with special needs it’s magnified by a 100-fold. To know that he’s in a place where he’s safe and cared for and taken care of, it’s a huge relief.”


Max, his mum and the rest of the family will be eternally grateful to the ‘Give Hastings Donors’ and the St. Cecilia Middle School Community. Max said his,

“Very excited. It’ll help me not get as tired as usual.”