A recent survey that included 530 stairlift users found out that 43% of the people experienced dodgy sales techniques. The survey included people who had gotten a stairlift for either themselves or for a loved one. In eight out ten cases people bought a stairlift for someone else. Around 13% of the people reported that they felt pressured to buy the stairlift.

43% of the people said that they experienced sharp sales techniques and felt they were either victims of pressure selling, were pressured to buy an expensive model or received a lot of phone calls by a sales representative. Famous brands that are Acorn, Stannah and Handicare were compared and it was found out that some employed better sale tactics than others.

Around 16% of the people reported that they received a lot of phone calls regarding the stairlifts and 14% said that these calls were high pressure. One person reported that he had signed for an advertisement through which one could receive a free independent booklet, and because of that he received many phone calls for almost two years.

The survey also found that the sales representatives of the stairlift firms initially quoted a high price and then offered a discount. Around 24% of the people reported that they were able to get a reduced price due to negotiation because they asked whether the price that is being quoted is final or not.

Joanna Pearl who is a health researcher said that most of the people are vulnerable when they are buying stairlifts because they are going through a hard time and getting a stairlift means that they will get to stay in their own house and won’t have to relocate. She said that these people should know that they should never feel pressured to buy a certain stairlift if they don’t want to.